Toyota Fielder Hybrid – More than just a Wagon


  • Fuel economy

  • Good safety features

  • Enormous boot space


  • Hybrids can be costly to maintain

  • Difficult to find high-quality maintenance

The Toyota Fielder Hybrid is one of the best in Toyota’s line of high-quality vehicles

The Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrid is another successful car offered in Toyota’s line. The Fielder was first debut in the market in 2000 in Japanese market and hybrid version was later offered to consumers.

The Fielder’s design is simply flawless. The Toyota Fielder offers a comfortable ride with its 16-inch large-diameter tyres and the steering has a firm yet sporty feel. The steering is impressive especially when changing lanes on steep and high-speed roads, and the ease when taking a turn is exceptional.

In relation to its safety features, the Fielder offers the Safety Sense C which is first used in Toyota, together with the laser and camera. Other features include the automatic brake/pre-crash safety functions that operate up to 80km/h speed range, a lane departure alert that detects deviating of vehicles and an automatic high beam that detects preceding or incoming vehicles.

All models are standard equipped with a Drive-Start Control that regulates sudden acceleration when operating the shift, and an emergency brake signal that automatically turns the hazard lamp on when there is a sudden brake.

The interior its ideal for young families with its anti-stain, synthetic leather seats. So, not to worry if your little one spills their drink on seats on a long journey. The interior also includes a special seat upholstery, a faux leather dashboard and a blue-accented leather shift knob (not too shabby for a station wagon). The depth of the cargo room is quite generous which can fit approx. 4 luggage units. All models are equipped with GPS navigation, ETC device and Toyota’s standard entertainment package.

The Fielder Hybrid offers an impressive 1.8L engine that provides the horsepower of 140 along with the latest Valvematic system. The engine offers high performance, power and a max torque of over 160 Nm. The engine size is rather large and 1,500c and tank capacity of 36L which his compensated by the Fielder’s fuel efficiency of 34.4km/L.

The Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrid is a universal car which is getting more common to find and is sold at quite a reasonable price with extensive features and quality engine which is why the Fielder Hybrid is in high demand in the market.

The Toyota Fielder Hybrid is a highly recommended model for families looking for a quality wagon with fuel efficiency and a reasonable budget. There are plenty of high-quality Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrids available on If you want to find out more about the Toyota Fielder, we encourage you use the car search feature.