In this article we will take a general look at the process of importing vehicles in Bangladesh. Read carefully to learn about the correct process and criteria of government rules and policies, here we will provide you with all the useful information about it.

General description

The popularity of used Japanese cars has increased dramatically. Bangladesh is one of the countries where the demand for Japanese cars has been increasing over the years. The prices of modern and new cars are touching the sky, that is why people choose to buy used cars, sometimes you can find bargains for high quality cars at 50% cheaper price. In this country the demand for used Japanese cars is increasing greatly and progressively. Japan is one of the world powers in car exports and many of them that are from their second hand end up in the lands of Bangladesh.

Used Japanese cars are considered excellent cars for all types of use. They are very reliable and durable, which is why people look for them, due to their fame and confidence that they inspire. About 80% of the cars in Bangladesh are imported cars from Japan. Importing cars into this country must have the steering wheel on the right, because most cars have the steering wheel on that side.

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Import Conditions

Regarding the importation of used cars in Bangladesh, whether you are going to import brands such as jeeps, minibuses, among others, you must bear in mind that they are acceptable if they are in the following conditions:

  • If the government allows the importation of cars from the country of origin.
  • The car must not be more than four years old.
  • In order to know the age of the imported car or the useful life, the date will be calculated from the first day until the frame of manufacture of the following year.
  • The car must have the driver's steering wheel on the right side or right front door.
  • The JAAI certificate must have the model number, age and chassis number of the used car. The certificate must be given to the customs authority.

Documents they ask for:

  1. These are the documents required for processing at the port
  2. A copy of the original work permit and passport.
  3. Certification of title and registration
  4. Registration, invoice to determine the age of the car.
  5. Certificate of the country of origin of the car
  6. Original bill of lading (BoL)
  7. Vehicle health report
  8. Letter of Authorization
  9. An import permit from the authority is required to be able to import from abroad.

Tax rate for importation of vehicles

• 0-40% import taxes
• 15% value added tax (VAT)
• 2.5% for import tax.

Best-selling imported cars in Bangladesh. This is a list showing the best selling Japanese used cars imported into Bangladesh.

• Honda Vezel
• Toyota Vitz
• Toyota Corolla Axio
• Nissan X-trail
• Toyota Corolla Fielder
• Toyota Allion
• Toyota Award
• Toyota Harrier