Mitsubishi Pajero 2018 – The Ultimate Off-Road Experience


  • On-road handling
  • Car entertainment
  •  Safety features


  •   Exterior design can be improved
  •   An engine can be a little noisy

If you're in the market for a genuinely large, rugged-duty four-wheel drive it doesn’t get better than the new Mitsubishi Pajero 2018. As Bangladesh’s infrastructure is developing at a rapid pace and so are its roads which are becoming more suitable for every day on-road vehicles. However, there are still some areas with developing roads. Families and individuals that travel to rural locations and villages (sometimes even taking off-road routes) often rely on high-performing 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Firstly, don’t let the Pajero’s rough exterior fool you. It's surprisingly easy and comfortable to drive every day, with a responsive, well-modulated power delivery through the five-speed auto, good brakes and good road manners at cruise. It's easy to maneuver on the road by there's no doubt that it's a big car from behind the wheel.

The Pajero offers a spacious, comfortable and high-riding cabin that has a good vision for the driver and passengers. The front seats are particularly comfortable, but the steering wheel adjusts only for tilt and not for reach.

The Pajero is the best off-road. It has a unique 4WD system that allows you to use 4WD on all surfaces (especially useful in rural parts of Bangladesh) and lets the driver select rear-wheel drive only. In effect, it combines elements of traditional part-time 4WD systems and more modern full-time 4WD systems and gives the driver more choices than either.

The special features are impressive and include leather trim on the steering wheel, automatic lights and wipers, heated front seats, and buttons for operating the cruise control, climate control air-conditioning.

The car entertainment isn’t bad either. Cruise control, Bluetooth phone connectivity with voice control, and a 7.0-inch touchscreen. Smartphone Link Display Audio, which puts your phone on the touchscreen via a USB cable and Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Compatible smartphone apps – including mapping – display on the car’s screen and can be controlled from the screen or by voice – that’s technology for you!

In terms of safety, the Pajero is on a class of its own.  It’s equipped with six airbags (including full-length curtain bags) and brake assist, as well as a reversing camera and bright, LED daytime running lights. Other safety features include Electronic Stability Control, which helps prevent the car from skidding out of control and Electronic Traction Control, which helps the car maintain drive on slippery surfaces. It is especially helpful in difficult conditions off-road.

The only downside is Pajero’s engine is a bit noisy. Apart from this, the Pajero is incredibly easy to operate and live with. When it comes to off-road vehicles that combines safety and performance, the new Mitsubishi Pajero 2018. On-road handling and stability are strong points for the Mitsubishi Pajero compared with other dual-range 4WD wagons, and yet it still offers serious off-road ability.

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