Bangladesh's automotive sector has garnered significant interest from multiple Chinese automakers, who are contemplating establishing manufacturing facilities in the country. A delegation from China's Anhui Province, including representatives from Chery Automobile Company, Jianghuai Automobile Co Ltd, Foton Motors, and Heli, engaged in discussions with the Bangladesh China Chamber of Commerce and Industries to explore investment opportunities. These discussions aim to assess the feasibility of setting up operations and to understand the local market dynamics.

The potential entry of these Chinese automakers into Bangladesh could herald a new era for the local automotive industry, bringing in much-needed investment, technology transfer, and job creation. By establishing manufacturing facilities, these companies could leverage Bangladesh's strategic location, cost-effective labor, and growing consumer market. This move could also help in reducing vehicle import dependency and promoting industrial growth. The collaboration between Bangladeshi authorities and Chinese investors highlights a mutual interest in fostering economic ties and developing a robust automotive manufacturing base in Bangladesh.


Chinese Companies Eyeing Bangladesh Market:

Chery Automobile Company expresses interest in establishing an electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Bangladesh.

Jianghuai Automobile Co Ltd and Foton Motors are eager to set up manufacturing plants for trucks and passenger buses.

Heli, a specialist in forklift vehicles, seeks collaboration with Bangladeshi entrepreneurs to establish a manufacturing facility.

Gotion High Tech Co Ltd expresses interest in conducting research and establishing a facility for high-tech battery production in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi Companies Willing to Invest:

Two Bangladeshi enterprises, Akij Group and ACI Motors, have indicated their readiness to collaborate with Chinese counterparts. Sheikh Amin Uddin, director of Akij Group and BCCCI, has expressed interest in partnering with Chery Automobile Company for joint investment in establishing a plant for electric vehicle and lithium battery production.

Existing Collaborations and Future Plans:

Humayun Rashid, the managing director of Energypac, disclosed their collaboration with China's JAC and Heli companies to produce specialized vehicles, such as refrigerated and standard covered vans, as well as cranes for street light maintenance. Energypac intends to invest an additional Tk500 crore to assemble electric buses and trucks in partnership with Chinese firms.

ACI Motors' Chief Executive FH Ansari expressed interest in partnering with Chinese companies in the manufacturing and assembly of passenger buses and other vehicles. ACI Motors aims to participate in Foton's pre-manufacturing activities in Bangladesh through collaboration with Chinese firms, as well as jointly manufacture passenger buses with Chery Automobile Company.

Potential for Growth and Investment:

Wei Xiaoming, vice chairman of the Anhui Provincial People's Congress, underscored Bangladesh's abundant opportunities and substantial investment potential. The visit by the Chinese delegation emphasizes the escalating interest in Bangladesh's automotive market and the prospect for expanded investment and collaboration between the two nations.


The keen interest exhibited by Chinese automakers in investing in Bangladesh's automotive sector presents an enticing prospect for the nation's economic advancement. By harnessing the expertise and resources of these firms, Bangladesh can expedite the enhancement of its domestic manufacturing capabilities, especially in the electric vehicle and commercial vehicle sectors. Moreover, the readiness of Bangladeshi enterprises to collaborate with their Chinese counterparts further bolsters the potential for fruitful joint ventures and investments in the automotive industry.