The announcement of Proton X90's local assembly in Bangladesh marks a significant milestone in the country's automotive industry. In this article, we delve into the details of this development, exploring its implications and potential impact on the market.



Proton, Malaysia's leading automotive manufacturer, has confirmed plans to commence local assembly of the Proton X90 in Bangladesh. This move underscores Proton's commitment to expanding its presence in international markets and tapping into the growing demand for affordable and reliable vehicles in Bangladesh.

Benefits of Local Assembly:

Local assembly of the Proton X90 in Bangladesh brings a host of benefits to both Proton and Bangladeshi consumers. By assembling the X90 locally, Proton can take advantage of lower production costs, reduced import tariffs, and increased operational efficiency. This, in turn, allows Proton to offer the X90 at a more competitive price point, making it more accessible to Bangladeshi consumers.

Boost to the Economy:

The local assembly of the Proton X90 is expected to have a positive impact on Bangladesh's economy. By investing in local manufacturing facilities and creating job opportunities for Bangladeshi workers, Proton contributes to economic growth and development in the country. Additionally, increased localization of automotive production helps reduce reliance on imported vehicles and strengthens the domestic automotive industry.

Enhanced Accessibility:

With the Proton X90 being assembled locally in Bangladesh, consumers can expect greater accessibility to this popular SUV. The availability of locally assembled units means shorter waiting times for customers and a more streamlined purchasing process. This is particularly beneficial for consumers who value convenience and efficiency when shopping for a new vehicle.