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Since December 1997, the Toyota Harrier has been bombarding customers with its mind-blowing options and performance. Designed as a sport utility sedan, this car has all the features and mobility of an SUV while maintaining the basic attributes of a luxury vehicle. Toyota has just launched the upgraded version of the Harrier which will be available for sale globally in 2020. However, we will give an overview of the Toyota Harrier's features and what to expect from this SUV with sedan characteristics.

At, we believe that the Toyota Harrier is one of the most luxurious, relaxing and capable cars available. The Toyota Harrier is a versatile SUV that offers decent driving ability, not only does it offer a stylish and comfortable interior; but it also shows a level of evolution worthy of a Lexus at more affordable prices. On the outside, nothing to say, her design is simply superb. She is smooth at high speeds while remaining capable off the beaten track.

There are two engines available in this Toyota Harrier; the 3.0-litre V6 and a 2.4-litre inline 4-cylinder, both BEAM engines using the VVT-I system. The 3.0-litre engine is equipped with the Active Control Engine Mount (ACM) which reduces vibration at idle by using a negative pressure mechanism. And despite the fact that its engine uses a 4-speed automatic transmission, it is still equipped with the Steer Shiftmatic function that helps the driver to change gear easily using paddles on the steering wheel. Two drive options: all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

The Toyota Harrier has an overall length of 4,575 - 4,77 mm, a height of 1,655 - 1,69 mm and a width of 1,845 - 1,845 mm. Two seating arrangements are available: one has the driver and passenger in the front row and the other three in the second row for a total of five seats. The rear seat is equipped with a reclining mechanism that allows it to be folded into a semi-flat position that can be extended to the passenger seat. Still on the subject of folding the bench seat, it is folded in 60/40 sections that can also be moved forward or backward.

The Toyota Harrier is available in two trim levels: Luxe and Premium. The Luxe sport leather trim features ventilated front seats with electric adjustments, an air purification system, a panoramic roof, electric tailgate with memory function, an electrically adjustable steering column and an electrically adjustable steering column. offers a variety of Toyota cars at prices ranging from USD $30,019 and up. You can also contact the seller by offering your best deal on the vehicle. The online platform has over a thousand trusted and professional car dealers who are ready to provide the quality shopping services you need.