Reconditioned vs. used cars

The car market in Bangladesh is mostly dominated by reconditioned cars, in fact over 80% of the car market is comprised by reconditioned cars. Given high-level of car tax in Bangladesh, many car buyers do not have the luxury to spend on a brand-new car and face the dilemma of whether to purchase reconditioned cars or used cars. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing reconditioned vs. used cars.

Firstly, what is the difference between reconditioned and pre-owned cars? A used car maybe certified by the manufacturer and is likely to have been used lightly, thoroughly inspected and maybe covered by a manufacturer-backed warranty. Whereas a reconditioned car may have had major parts replaced and reconditioned.

Generally reconditioned cars generally cost less than certified used cars. However, interestingly in the Bangladesh market used cars can cost less than reconditioned cars as the common perception is that reconditioned cars are almost like new cars and have higher status symbol.

As mentioned above, the Bangladesh car market is full of reconditioned cars which provides you variety and range of choice when choosing the right car for you. Used cars are generally more expensive in other markets (outside Bangladesh) because they have likely been used for a very short time unlike reconditioned cars which may have been used for a longer time. However, in Bangladesh, reconditioned can demand a higher price due to the status symbol attached to them.

When it comes to choosing between a used or reconditioned car, it is a personal choice and it comes down to price, cost and status. For most car buyers in Bangladesh, cost is one of the most crucial factors when choosing a car. Therefore, used cars can be better choice from a cost point of view than used cars. However, reconditioned cars are perceived to have higher status, that is only if you have the money.

Whether you are choosing a reconditioned car or used car, there are several advantages over picking a brand-new car, these advantages include:

  1. Price – reconditioned or used cars is going to be less expensive than a brand-new car. The relative advantage of a used-car or reconditioned price can also allow you to step up to a nicer model or brand that you always wanted (but be careful of the condition and quality before you buy).

  2. Depreciation — Generally cars lose their value very quickly, but the steepest decline happens right away. Some cars lose almost half of their value in the first two years. With a used or reconditioned car, a lot of the depreciation expense has been priced in already for you, so you don’t experience an initial large steep in depreciation in the early years.

  3. Insurance cost — Like financing, insurance premiums will be affected by the year the car was made, but in this case the used or reconditioned vehicle tends to be less expensive which can save significant costs in insurance premiums.

  4. Choice — Although you obviously can’t order a used car to your exact preference, perhaps you would like a certain brand, model or design that’s no longer made. Used and reconditioned car generally have a wider variety and selection for car buyers.

Ultimately, it’s a personal choice when deciding the between a reconditioned or used cars and it’s a trade-off between cost and quality. For most of us, a brand-new car may be over our budget and should take the time to search and compare both used and reconditioned cars. This is where can help you search and choose from a wide range of user and reconditioned cars. This research and comparison can be done using our website’s search page to see which type of car suits your preference and budget best.

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