Honda Civic Turbo 2018 – Combining Practicality with Power


  • Fun to drive

  • Turbocharged engine

  • Reliable safety features


  • Interior space isn’t the best

  • Limited infotainment system

  • Base engine is a bit buzzy

The iconic Honda Civic is the epitome of compact-car excellence with its mix of practicality with a modern twist. For first-time car buyers such as millennials, Gen Y or simply professionals looking to go to point A to point B, reliability with strong performance doesn’t get better than the 2018 Honda Civic Turbo.

Most noticeably, the Civic has recently had a face-lift with it new a new modern and sleek look since 2017. The handling is precise and comfortable with Honda’s chassis which includes multi-link suspension. The Civic’s fuel economy is also impressive, almost every 2018 Civic model does mileage near 35 miles per gallon (mpg).

Performance is outstanding as Honda has introduced the turbocharged engine almost after 22 years. In a nutshell, turbo uses exhaust gas to drive the turbine. This spins an air compressor that pushes extra oxygen into the cylinders, allowing them to burn more fuel each second – giving the car an extra boost in performance. The turbo makes the Civic extra fun to drive for enthusiasts.

The safety features are a standout as well. The Civic uses the same cameras and radar for its cruise control and tries to predict when someone will cut in ahead of you and slows down more gently ahead of time. It’ll even change your speed as you pass limit signs – the Civic is not all looks it has intelligence too.

Entertainment features such as an impressive 7-inch display and CarPlay isn’t bad either. With CarPlay you can simply plug and play your iPhone and the phone’s screen will show up the 7-inch display – no more annoying scrolling for your favourite tune on your phone while driving. You can also display videos and apps, this is especially useful for navigating the streets with Google Maps.

The only small downside to the new Civic is its limited interior space. However, the forward fuel tank in the old Civic took a lot of foot space for passengers, so it’s still not all that bad when it comes to interior space. Also, its not a bad compromise as the 10th gen Civic has the biggest trunk space available compared to all previous models.

Overall, the Civic is one of the most practical (and powerful) medium sized cars on the market, we highly recommend you see it for yourself and book in a test drive. The new and impressive Civic Turbo combines comfort, safety and the turbo with a sleek fresh look. With the Civic Turbo’s entry price in Bangladesh, its ideal for a first-time car buyer looking for a new and reliable car that ticks all the boxes.

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