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Toyota Noah the Ultimate People Mover


  • Reliable manufacturer (Toyota)

  • Enormous space and interior

  • Fuel economy is reasonable for a people mover


  • Handling can be an issue with the Noah’s sheer size

  • Boxy-looking exterior

When it comes to a family people mover it doesn’t get better than the Toyota Noah

The Toyota Noah is an eight-seater people mover with two near sliding doors and offers convince and reliability for large families on the go. The basic concept underlying the creation of such a vehicle was to construct a car that is best suited for both the personal and professional use and could be fun and economical to drive.

The family minivan offers a family driving experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible.  The vehicle is very well thought out, with useful storage space wherever you look and plenty of space for front and rear seat passengers.

In terms of performance, the Noah has surprisingly good acceleration for a 1500 kg car.  The Noah’s 154 horse power engine takes 9.8 seconds to reach 100 km/h (60 mph) up to a top speed of 175 km/h. It also has a smoother ride and better handling than the last generation Noah. 

Given the popularity and abundance of Toyota vehicles in Bangladesh, servicing is quite straightforward: you could change the oil without a jack or ramps.  Oil changes are required every 15,000 km (9300 miles).  The engine has a timing chain so there is no timing belt to worry about.  

Most importantly, the Noah is designed with outstanding safety in mind.

The vehicle is well rated in crash testing in markets where its sold. The safety features include passenger airbags, side airbags, multi-functional steering wheel, traction control system and rear camera for safe parking.

The Toyota Noah has a well-earned reputation for long term dependability. The third generation’s fuel economy has been boosted to 16.0 km/l in the eight-passenger vehicle which is quite impressive for its size. Although the Noah has had a box-like exterior in the past, the latest generation offer a more distinct, edgier look that stands out in a crowded parking area, unlike many other family cars.

When it comes to reliability and convenience, you can’t get better than Toyota. The vehicle offers plenty of room for the family on the go. The Toyota Noah is a highly recommended model for families looking for a luxurious midsize van with a reasonable budget.

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